Vegan cheese: drippy, sloppy, gooey, melted and soy free!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

No, it's not an oxymoron. Bust out the old griddle, pizza or lasagna pan, because cheese is back, baby! Daiya deliciously dairy free vegan cheese is free from all of the following allergens: Soy, Dairy (Casein or Lactose) Gluten, Egg, Wheat, Barley, Whey, and Nuts. I'm not going to say that it is overly high in nutrient value (I'd call it nurtrient-neutral) but as a treat, it is WELL worth it.

When you buy Daiya, it comes in a huge bag for about $50 in my neck of the woods. My local health food store also portions it out and sells it in small containers for $4 or so. It was great to be able to have a taste without the commitment of a full bag, but there will be no more hesitation here! I'll be getting a bag again soon, and apparently you can freeze it in portions to use so that it doesn't go bad, so that's also helpful.

I kept hearing about this "miracle" product on the various blogs I read, so I had to try it. This is my first grilled cheese in over 6 months, and it was delicious! Do you see the stretchy "cheese" dripping out of the sandwich? Divine!
Have YOU tried Daiya!? Do you know of any comparable alternatives? Please share!



Alyson said...

love the ketchup face...sooooo what is it made of then??? that part makes me wonder

Alyson said...

looked it up. not so scarry...

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