Product review: Mary's crackers... no...scratch that— Mary's Love COOKIES!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

In short, these rock. No, Mary unfortunately did NOT send me my own free box (though if she did, I would happily accept!) but I was happy to pay. Do you see the ingredients here? Palm sugar- not processed white sugar- that one is my favourite! Plus no hydrogenated crap, no preservatives, lovely healthy chia and quinoa thrown in, all organic...seriously- it doesn't get better than this! No, this is not what I'd call a "nutritious" choice, but I would say it is nutrient neutral, and tastes like a million bucks. Two of my non-GF friends likened them to "molasses cookies" and though I'm afraid I don't remember those, I do love these "fake" oatmeal cookies- they rock!

They were about 5$ for the box, and the box had maybe 20 cookies. Not cheap, but very worth it. This is the kind of "treat" you can feel good about giving the kids. Plus they are nut free so safe for school lunches.

What do YOU have as a special treat?



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