The Fruit Fly Solution

Saturday, September 18, 2010

With all the lovely fresh fruit coming into our house, it seems there is no end to the fruit flies. I am not an outdoorsy girl, that's for sure, so having a way to rid our house of what I call "the infestation" is a welcome relief. Our friends Pierre and Ashley gave is the ultimate solution to the Fruit Fly Problem. Here's how it works:

1 bowl
1 sheet plastic wrap
1 splash of apple cider vinegar

Pour the vinegar into the bowl, cover it with the plastic wrap so the surface is tight, then puncture several times with a fork. That's it. Within minutes the fruit flies have found it (ps- apple cider vinegar smells a little like stinky feet) and they walk on the surface of the plastic, find a hole, crawl in, and cannot escape. You can either be merciful and squash them against the lip of the bowl or eventually you'll find them floating in the vinegar.
Notice this is positioned right beside the bananas which are currently attracting them. Must make muffins...



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