I'm drinking BEER!!!!! (a review of Bard's gluten-free beer)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

So, I recently posted about two very dissappointing gluten-free beers I had tried: New Grist and La Messagère. Both SO not drinkable. Then a little angel (also known as "Brian from Bard's") told me that his beer was better. Sure. Yeah. I've heard that line before. I also have swamp land for sale in Florida to sell you...

Well, I stand (sit) here a changed woman. I am drinking beer. Okay, I'm going to be totally honest here. If I were me and it was two years ago, and you asked me if I would start drinking Bard's regularly, I'd say no. It's really okay. It's like, the kind of beer that maybe a friend would have bought and I was happy to have one because I was at their house. Based on taste alone, I wouldn't have sought it out. THAT BEING SAID: when the alternatives are either the two other beers I've tried, that were completely undrinkable, or not drinking any beer at all, Bard's is like nectar of the Gods. It is SO GOOD, I can't even control myself...

Just wanted you to know. Oh, and how did I obtain said nectar? I'm sad to say, for my Canadian peeps that this seems in very short supply north of the border, but our friends at Bard's are apparently working on that. My 'rents went to NY for a visit and my step 'rent bought me an ENTIRE case. Yup...spent all of his cross-border-booze allowance on me- bless his buttons.  I am trying to savour them, but the thought of being quasi normal (in a beer-swilling kinda way) has me pretty pumped so I might have to send them back for another visit soon...


This has been a public service announcements for beer-swilling Celiacs everywhere.
Thank you.


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