Just like mom used to make- Gluten free crêpes!

Friday, April 16, 2010

You know I'm not gonna lie to ya...if I try a recipe and it kinda stinks, I'm not going to tout it on here. But let me tell you- I have desperately missed crepes since I stopped eating gluten, and I don't have to miss them anymore. Crepe lovers—listen up!!

To begin my crepe investigation, I started with two recipes- one using millet flour and one using sorghum. I don't know what's up with millet, but those suckers were BITTER and awful. Don't try that at home kiddies. I'm actually wondering if millet should be soaked first like quinoa to remove a bitter outer coat...but when it's ground into flour, perhaps that step is skipped. I digress.

On to the pièce de résistance...

Sorghum crêpes (gluten-free, with casein-free and egg-free options)
1 1/2 cups "Sweet" white sorghum flour (I used Bob's Red Mill)
2 1/2 cups milk of your choice (I used 2c soy milk, 1/2 c vanilla rice milk)
6 eggs*
4 TB butter (I used coconut oil for a casein-free option)
1 1/2 tsp salt

*(for each egg, you can substitute 1 TB ground flax meal with 3 TB warm water- let it sit and get gloppy before adding to the recipe)

Mix all the ingredients (use a mixer or blender or some SERIOUS elbow grease to make sure it's well mixed). Cover and put it in the fridge for an hour.

Now comes the tricky part- finding just the right temp for the pan. You may burn a few before you find just the right temperature.

You need to put a puddle (my pan is big so I was using about 1/3 c of batter per crepe) of batter in the centre of the pan, then roll the pan, tipping it in circles until the batter has spread evenly to the edges of the pan. Flip when the bubbles have risen and it looks a bit dried out.

There is a technique to this...it takes practice. Expect a few awful looking crepes to begin with. It also takes time, so I layer mine on a plate in the oven as I'm making them. You can expect to be standing there for quite a while...But wow, is it worth it!!!

A few options for the filling:
  • fresh fruit salad
  • sliced berries
  • turkey sausages
  • or for a dessert option, spread with my chocolate avocado icing and add banana slices.
You can also use these for savoury crêpes and fill them with maybe some kind of creamy chicken and mushroom concoction...mmm...that might be my next stop...



shantoth said...

Hi Kirsten, how many crepes will this recipe make, not counting the "first tries"? I am making breakfast for four tomorrow.

Kirsten said...

Hey Shannon. Probably enough for for adults if you serve other stuff with it. If you're unsure, do 1.5 times the recipe. You can always set aside the extras for a dessert later if you separate them using wax or parchment paper. Get ready to cook for a while though. Might want to start making them before your guests arrive! Let me know how you liked them. :-)

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