Running...for dummies...and lazy butts like me

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My friend Alyson, one of the most accomplished multi-taskers the world has ever known, has now added "running teacher" to her repertoire. Her qualifications stem from a degree in kinesiology, her accreditation as an army medic and paramedic, then of course the fact that she is a life-long runner (kind of hate her for that...given that I tend toward sloth-like myself). I asked if she would put together a "running for dummies" post for those of us...recreationally-challenged folks out there. I was kind of hoping it might motivate me to get off my butt.

So for an idea of how this works, see her post entitled "Running: How to START" on her blog.

Thanks Aly!


Alyson said...

Hey your welcome. I DO love to run. It keeps me sane.

Hey I just posted about YOU today!! OMG serioulsy check out the Underground Wellness guy on You Tube..I'm changing I tell y'a.

Oh, and Adam and I have been researching grass fed beef for weeks now and we are going to try to get our cattle off corn!!! yay!! and I soooooooooo want my own dairy cow.

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