A typical Dropsie day

Sunday, May 2, 2010

It's funny how a typical day has changed so much for me. When your bread costs $8/loaf, you don't use much. When you can't eat out, you cook at home. So I rarely buy my lunch at work because the salad I can buy for 10$ at the local salad place is as good as the one I make from home, and I can't really get anything else. So here's what I eat on a typical workday.

Seven + PRO supplement (on an empty stomach)

coffee with cream (my only dairy source) and honey

Two pieces of fruit

cereal (sprouted buckwheat and dried fruit, or flax crunchies) with unsweetened vanilla rice milk

Salad greens with hemp seeds, homemade dressing (olive oil, balsamic and Dijon) and sometimes a big hunk of avocado
Bag of cut veggies
crackers/hummus (sometimes)

maybe another piece of fruit, or some gluten free, whole-grain crackers
a few pieces of dark chocolate (yes, this is an almost-daily ritual- hey, there's lots of iron in dark chocolate!!) :)

home-made chicken fingers with honey for dipping
home-made oven fries
steamed broccoli
high-potency probiotic supplement (when I remember)

potato chips (yes, this is a problem, and a really have to stop, but I LOVE them...) or
a piece of toast with nut butter & honey

So, that's a work day (4 days per week). As for a weekend, it's really a big unknown. It's "go with the flow". Yesterday, for instance, I had a ton of fruit and nuts, and two home-made banana muffins until pretty much dinner. Gotta get some more veg in on weekends- that's what I have the most challenge with. During the week, I chop a huge container of veggies and we bag a handful for lunches for hubby, the boy and I. It's easier when I'm at the office and I just have all my food laid out—at home, it's a free-for-all. :)

I wanted you to see that you don't have to be perfect- obviously, I'm not. I just try to get in a lot of fruit and veg servings (90% of which is organic) and to work within my current dietary restrictions. I also think back to that episode of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution where they laid out the woman's food for the week and it was all brown (all deep fried, all bread- gross). I try to imagine the rainbow of colours that mine would have on it and keep that in mind. Strong colours are almost always indicative of strong nutrients, so if you have a good variety of dark green, orange, red, etc. you should have a pretty well-rounded vitamin and mineral intake.

There you go- a little peek into my day. I hope you've enjoyed this, but mostly, I hope it shows you that you don't have to be perfect, that you CAN eat chocolate or junk, but if you have a healthy balance, you can have energy, sleep well, and maintain a healthy weight. Cheers!


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