Amazing Dad's BBQ Sauce- a product review :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

I've said it before, but I will reiterate: I do not work for any food companies. I am not paid to review any products...but sometimes I just can't help myself!!

 This is "Amazing Dad's BBQ Sauce" by Honey Bunny ( This stuff is good...really, REALLY good. And the best part is, there is nary a "glucose-fructose" or a "cooking molasses" to be found! Let me review the list of ingredients...ahem... 
  • Organic honey
  • water
  • organic tomato paste
  • organic vinegar
  • salt
  • organic cornstarch
  • liquid smoke
  • organic garlic powder
  • organic onion powder
  • natural colour
  • organic spice
  • xanthan
 Ta daaaaa!!! Kids like something sweet to dip in, and this is a great choice. It's still high in naturally occurring sugars, but if putting a TB on their plates means they'll eat a big healthy meal, I say RAVE ON. Plus I just feel good about this stuff. Best part? Made in Canada. :)

 My local grocery store carries both the BBQ sauce and the straight-up honey, but Honey Bunny also makes ketchup and other wonderful products. I am going to hunt some down because I'd much rather the kids eat ketchup made with honey than made with glucose-fructose syrup and other processed nastiness. In addition, Honey Bunny clearly states that their sauces are all gluten free!

So enjoy a little healthy dose of sweet goodness in your life. Marinate a nice organic chicken breast in this while you're at work then slap it on the BBQ for a little sweet. If you're into the sweet/heat combo, you might also sprinkle some cayenne pepper on top before grilling. MMMMmmmmm

Happy eating!



Anonymous said...

Not to be negative, but ask yourself how they make that 'liquid smoke'... you might be surprised at how many chemicals could go into that.

Kirsten said...

Good thinking Ains- always a good idea to question. I didn't, but now that you've brought it up I did some digging. Here's what I found- it seems that it really is as simple as introducing water into a smoky environment. Here's an article on how to make it:
There does seem to be some question as to whether liquid smoke is safe. The question relates to smoking food in general and whether carcinogens are by-products of smoking (or bbq'ing in general) any food. There's also some who think it may actually be safer to add the liquid smoke, than to smoke the food....
More to chew on. :)
Thanks for the thoughts Ains. Keep the questions comin'!

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