Allergy test results

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Okay folks! So, the verdict is in- here is the summary from my allergy tests...

The biggest thing i'm reacting to is soy. :)  No surprise there, because I substitute soy for a lot of things. However, my dairy reactions are all low. There are two reasons for this: 1) I hardly ever eat dairy, so I'm not producing antibodies to it, and/or 2) my reaction to dairy is not allergic, but rather a lactose intolerance. So all in all, I am going to work dairy back in- just in cheese though. Obviously having soy cheese is not a good idea right now. I basically have to "give it a rest" on the soy.

The second-biggest thing I'm reacting to is egg. Yup. Egg white AND egg yolk. That's weird. I don't eat a ton of eggs, but the reaction is quite high.

Third-biggest thing I'm reacting to: Gluten. Yup. Now, keep in mind that I have not knowingly eaten gluten for the better part of a year. The test actually states that if you haven't eaten something for "several weeks" you may have no reaction to it. Well, the better part of a year later, with cross-contamination as the only possible source for gluten, and I am STILL reacting to gluten, rye and wheat. Wow! This is crazy.

Next on the list is oysters, which to the best of my knowledge, I've never eaten, so whoop dee do. Don't care.

There are a few other things I have a low reaction to, like almonds, peanuts, kidney beans. This would be the type of situation where I wouldn't eat all those things in the same day. Know what I mean?

I am going to follow up with the naturopath, and I'm going to take these results with me when I go see the gastroenterologist at the end of the month. Really nice to have one piece of the puzzle.

Haven't got "the boy's" yet...but his will be way more interesting because he hasn't avoided any food except straight milk. Funny though, since we've been back from my sister's, I haven't let him have any dairy and he has stopped complaining of stomach pains...except for the one day when he accidentally got a grilled cheese at school...

To be continued.


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