Fajita night at our house!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Recognize this??? this is what I used to use for fajita seasoning. I had actually assumed it had gluten in it, which is why I had stopped buying it. NOW, I realise that in fact, it does not appear to have gluten, but do you see the nastiness?
Yet another example of not really looking at the label. Here's how I made gorgeous, beautiful fajitas the other night:

One pan for the veggies (green, yellow and red peppers, and onion), one bowl for the chicken.

In each, zest first, then juice one lime. Then add ground cumin and coriander seed, chili pepper, salt and pepper. I wish I had amounts for you, but I really just sprinkle it all over. Let the chicken and veggies marinate while you put the children to BED and look forward to a spicy fajita night with your husband. :)

I put a bit of coconut oil in the bottom of the pan (best oil for high-heat cooking) and set both the chicken and the veggies on medium. If you don't watch it, the pans will blacken (I think that's the sugar caramelizing from the lime juice) but the black part actually tastes kind of good. So once the veg are cooked to the right firmness and the chicken is cooked through, try cranking the heat (while DILIGENTLY watching) and letting them blacken a bit. YUUUUMMMMM....

I threw a bunch of it onto a brown rice tortilla with some fresh salsa made in the grocery store that has - wait for it- tomatoes, onions, herbs, etc. No sugar, and 100% awesome. :) I did miss the shredded cheese and sour cream, but I made up for it by slathering it in avocado slices. Pure heaven.

I hope you enjoy your own fajita night. MMMMMmmm mmmm good. :)



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