Quinoa Burgers

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Oh..my...goodness. I wish I'd taken a pic of dinner last night. Here's the run-down on quinoa burgers:

1/2 c quinoa
3/4 c broth or water
Soak quinoa in wire strainer dipped in water to remove bitter outer layer while heating broth/water to a boil. Add quinoa to the pot and simmer on low, covered, for approx. 12 minutes till liquid is absorbed.

Toast 1 slice gluten-free (or your choice) bread
Grind in "chopper"/food processor till crumby, set aside.

In the emptied chopper, grind the following till the texture of oatmeal:
large carrot & a small chunk of onion (green onions would have been awesome, but all I had were cooking onions) - you'll have to scrape down the sides a few times to get that fully ground up into tiny pieces
Then add:
14oz of beans (I used most of a can of fava beans- rinsed)
1 tsp cumin
1 egg (I used 1 TB of ground chia seeds soaked in 3 TB water...but it didn't "bind" well. I may try flax the next time)
zest from 1 lime

In a bowl, combine chopper contents, breadcrumbs from earlier, and cooked quinoa. At this point I put it in the freezer for a few minutes while I heated a pan with a little oil. I then blobbed out five "burgers" (wet hands helps it not to stick to you), and cooked about 10 min per side on medium. I also added some Montreal Steak spice at this point. Not the healthiest option (and potential gluten contamination in the factory) but HELLO- yummy.

I then warmed up a brown-rice-flour tortilla, plopped in one of the burgers, smothered it in grainy mustard, and then added some tomato and avocado slices. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? It was brilliant.

Give 'er a whirl. YUM.


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