My latest obsession: ZUMBA!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

My blog posts are typically not about exercise. I must admit that I am not one for sweating...seriously. I walk at least 20-30 minutes, at least 4 times a week, but on Fridays I do ZUMBA!!!! 

Remember when you were a kid and went to dance class and boogie'd your heart out? Then you were a teen/twenty-something and you were rockin out on the dance floor of whatever club you were frequenting? Then you meet someone special...and you decide that it's become kinda inappropriate to go to clubs anymore, then this tiny part of you dies. Not the part that liked to flirt, or drink, or whatever, the part that DANCED!! 

Then my lovely friend Tammy suggested we join this mother/daughter Zumba class. My daughter wasn't old enough but Tammy has a brood of them, so we all signed up together. Wow. Wow wow wow. I totally figured out what had been missing, and in the process I found a way to incorporate a pretty vibrant, challenging hour of fitness into my week. In addition, dancing has become my partner as I cook. I am most often in the kitchen for at least several hours on Saturday and Sunday, and a handful throughout the week also. I plug the iPod in and totally rock out while I cook- which most of the time, really gets my heart rate up and yes, I even admit to sweating. ;)

Not everyone is a runner, or wants to go to the gym, but you just have to find that one thing that gets you moving, and spills over into the rest of your life, spreading happiness along the way.  This isn't us, but you'll get the idea...This is international, people. Find a class near you and remember what this felt like... 



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