RANT: Food intolerance is real, serious, painful, and scary

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Warning: rant ahead!!!

For those of you who are totally blessed, and can eat whatever you please, GOOD ON YA. You are lucky, and in a way, I'm totally jealous. In another way, I see these past months (coming up on two years soon!) since I've eaten gluten as a real gift: because of feeling terrible, two things happened:
a) I stopped eating the things that were making me sick and I don't get sick anymore, and as if that wasn't enough (!!!)
b) It inspired me to learn more about nutrition than many people will ever know during the course of their their entire life.

NEWSFLASH: Just because a person doesn't die as a result of a food intolerance, or Celiac Disease (at least in the short term, the long term is something altogether different) doesn't make issues like cross-contamination any less serious. If their food ends up tainted by whatever substance they are meticulously trying to avoid, they will be ill- and in some cases extremely or violently so.

For me, eating gluten and dairy (any more than a splash of cream in my coffee) make me feel ridiculously bad: foggy, dizzy, nauseous, bloated, constipated, crampy, stomach pain, tired, angry...and they give me migraines (well, the one cracker I ate gave me an eye-splitting migraine. I can assume it'd happen again but you'll never catch me trying!). Do you not think I might enjoy a slice of extra old cheddar on crusty baguette? Of COURSE it would taste good, but I choose not to eat it not because I will die, but because I end up feeling terrible. We're not talking like when you eat too much turkey dinner...this is pain folks. For me, it's hard ...core...pain.

So, that thing in your head-- the one that says "Hey, food cross-contamination is only a big deal if the person will drop dead on the spot with something like a peanut allergy"? How bout the next time you to go a restaurant I tell you that there might be a little salmonella in your food... But don't worry- you won't die...

I'm done now.


Alyson said...

I bet people have more of an intolerance to all sorts of food. I also bet we could eliminate A TON of diseases cause by the crap we eat. like sugar,preservatives, hormones, genetically modified...blah blah blah.

I think it is rather humorous that the guy who did the quaker instant oatmeal commercials when we were kids now does diabetes commercials...

You know..I'm grateful for your food sensitivities because you are right. you have gained a SHITLOAD of knowledge and are now probably healthier than you have EVER been. And because of your journey I started to look more into my diet as well. you have certainly taught me things..

love you!!

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