Product review: MimicCreme Cream Substitute

Sunday, January 30, 2011

My impressions
I've mentioned before that I have been unwilling to completely give up dairy because I could not find a suitable substitute for use in coffee (okay and maybe the odd slab of organic butter). Did I mention that I LOVE coffee? Love it. I would drink decaf if I had to, because I just love the taste. And I am unwilling to compromise on that taste. In my coffee, I have tried soy milk, rice milk, almond milk, etc. but they are just no comparison to real cream...until now. I'm not going to tell you that it tastes exactly like cream, but it lightens to about 75% of what cream does, and it adds a slight taste that while mildly noticeable is not in the least off-putting. It cuts the bitterness of coffee without washing out the flavour. This rocks. And did you notice the label? This is free from cholesterol, lactose, gluten, and the product is also non-GMO, vegan and kosher.

More on the product
MimicCreme is made from the following ingredients (this is the unsweetened version):

Purified water, almonds, cashews, dipotassium phosphate, bicarbonate soda, rice starch, salt.
The only one there I have questions about is dipotassium phosphate. Here's what I found on that: it's used mostly in non-dairy creamers for viscosity. Anyone know anything further on that?
And here are the nutrition facts for the unsweetened version:
I'd say that's not too bad!! Give it a whirl. I suspect that with the unsweetened version, you could easily add it to baked goods, soups, etc. calling for cream. Give it a good shake because it settles, and then give 'er. Once you open it, the company suggests using it within 14 days.

Cost: This product cost me about $4.50 (give or take). Sadly, MimicCreme did not send me this product to review- I bought it myself just like everyone else. That being said, if the company has others they'd like me to review, they can always contact me... ;)



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