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Saturday, February 13, 2010

In 2-3 weeks I will receive my results from my food allergy testing. Do you have ANY IDEA how exciting that is? My "new" naturopath explained that there are different levels of testing. The first level is the "anaphylactic" level. The other levels (not sure of the "order") are for stuff like Celiac-indicating immune reactions (IgA) and the one she tests are IgG (I believe). So, IgG is a measure of an intolerance, and the test gives you a "mild reaction" to "strong reaction" gradient so let's say you have two things you mildly react to, you might choose not to eat them on the same day. Gives you a framework. My sister, for instance, mildly reacts to almonds. So she chooses not to drink almond milk, so that she can eat a handful of almonds for protein/calcium, etc.

I am SO SO SO excited to find out. One thing she is testing is gluten, but as it's IgG, not IgA, it's not the strongest indicator of Celiac. However, if I have no reaction on the IgG scale (as I understand it) chances are it's not the issue. Anyways, it's lots to think about and I'll share more as I learn it. Maybe I could find a way of posting my results so you could see how the test looks. :)

I may also be able to continue being treated by this naturopath by phone. I really liked her. Really to the point, but without being cold. Great listener. I think she and I will get along fine. In the interim, she prescribed a supplement called Glutogenics that is supposed to help with the inflammation in my intestines. So far so good! That and a double-dose of the probiotic I'm taking seem to be calming things down after a week of ++ symptoms. I think one of the things I have an intolerance to is corn. It just so happened that last week, I had tortillas and tortilla chips a few times and my reaction to that was a strong indicator (I think) of an intolerance.

Okay, gotta run, talk soon!


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