Why on earth would I spend more to buy organic produce?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

So, you're surfing the Internet, looking for why anyone in their right mind would choose to buy what looks like the same product and spend waaaaaay more money. There are a zillion Web sites out there that speak to the health benefits of leaving the world of pesticides and chemicals behind. I'm here to tell you my opinion, and where my thinking comes from. It's not "the right" opinion, and might sound crazy to you, but it's just the way I think. Here goes.... 

You know when you go to a really fancy restaurant? For most of us, it's a rare occasion. You get dollied up, and you are greeted by someone who shows you to your table. It's nicely lit, candles flickering, and a sommelier comes to help you choose the wine. The waiter comes over- he is nicely dressed in a crisp white shirt- and he describes in mouth-watering detail what you can enjoy that evening. You can tell just by the way he speaks that he is not just selling- he's sharing his love for the food. The special is based on what is fresh, local, and beautiful. You painstakingly select something you are dying to try, and you wait while it is gently cooked, prepared, and beautifully plated. You chat, you laugh, you wait in anticipation- enjoying the company of those you love. When you get it, you notice that it is not a huge portion, but you don't care. You lean over, close your eyes and breathe in the aroma. You delicately cut and savour the first brightly-coloured bite...your palate is alive. You enjoy every last morcel and when you are done, you are surprised that you do not want anything else, despite the appearance of the portion size. Even when the bill comes, it's worth every penny, because it is an experience.

Now, let's contrast that with a trip to your local fast food joint. You rush in, flourescents blazing in your eyes, and some pimply-faced kid behind the counter says (between flirting with his short-skirted coworker) "Yo, what can I get you". You order your food, which is wrapped in plastic or paper and slopped on a tray. You find a spot, brush the leftover french fries off the table, and sometimes don't even remove your coat. You shove bite after bite of tasteless, greasy slop into your mouth. You may not even finish it and you don't even care. Whatever- it was five bucks. You throw the rest in the garbage and rush out. You feel bloated, sluggish, and still unsatisfied.

To me, organic farming helps me to recreate that first experience. The farmers who lovingly coax the sprouts from the seeds, who coddle the tiny plants, protect them using age-old techniques passed down through generations and proudly present their end product, remind me that I must respect what has been created. I may not buy as much because it DOES cost more, but I don't...waste...a...thing. It's too precious. And although my life is hectic, and does not always allow for it, I try to remember to savour the flavours, enjoy the beautiful bright colours and breathe in the aromas in every last bite. I try to be thankful, and I focus on the nutrients I'm giving my body. In the end, respecting the food and treating it as precious means less waste, and really not that much more money.

So think about it- where are you dining tonight? I'm going to Chez Dropsie. Get the candles...


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