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Thursday, February 11, 2010

So, I'm visiting my sister right now. Shannon has jumped into healthy eating with both...lips? Anyways, she is embracing the raw diet (mostly) and I'm learning.

Right now, I'm drinking a juice of organic kale, romaine, lemon, apple and ginger. As I watched the whole lemon drop into the juicer, I was expecting some serious pucker power from the pith. I am happy to say that it's really super good!!

I'm not sure I...scratch that...I KNOW I could never go fully raw- I love warm food too much. But I am a definite proponent of raw fruits and veg (both of which I eat in large quantities throughout the day) and I can definitely try to embrace the raw more often. I have gotten into the habit of cooking veggies a little too much at dinner because the kids find them easier to eat (thus increasing the uptake!) but if I've overcooked them and murdered the nutrient content, I'm kind of shooting myself in the foot. There IS a balance, that's for sure.

I learned also that corn, that I always considered on par with rice, potato, etc (the starchy part of my meal) is actually a veggie if you eat it raw. I never considered eating raw corn. We had it with our salad for dinner and it was awesome- sweet and crisp and really really good.

I'll let you know what else I discover while I'm here. I head to the Naturopath today and I am going to have a consultation and also get my finger pricked and my food allergies tested. They do a standard panel that runs the gamut of "regular" foods that you can be reacting to. I suspect that there will be quite a few things that I'm producing antibodies to, but it may be while before I have the results. I'm looking forward to having some closure on the gluten issue, if possible. Though I haven't knowingly eaten gluten for months, I suspect that I'm contaminating my food often enough that I'd still have some of the IgA antibody in my bloodstream. We'll see.

Take care and I'll update soon!


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