Bob's Red Mill- Gluten-free Homemade Wonderful Bread

Sunday, February 7, 2010

So I've temporarily acquired my mom's bread machine so that I can try a few of the GF bread mixes on the market. One I tried was the brown rice bread from El Peto.'s okay. For the first few months after going gluten free, I didn't eat any bread. Then I got really tired of never having a piece of toast so I'm on the quest for the easiest bread I can find/bake/buy.

So the El Peto one turned out okay, and I get two loaves in one box, so it's actually cheaper to go that route than to buy frozen. And, to be honest, I made myself a turkey sandwich and the bread didn't fall apart. Props, El Peto. Well done.

Now, Bob's Red Mill GF Homemade wonderful bread mix is about 7.50$ for the mix to make one loaf. But, I got suckered into the name and decided I'd give it a whirl (thinking if it WAS so wonderful, perhaps I wouldn't mind paying that kind of money so I could have a sandwich). I prepped the bread maker, and the recipe called for one whole egg and enough whites to make up 3/4 cup total. So, I had about 10 organic eggs and I was up to three eggs used with no end in sight. I decided that I'd top up the cup using flax— which I've used dozens of times to sub in for an egg in a recipe (one TB flax meal with three TB water, let sit till gloppy then rave on). HOWEVER, I'd never used it to replace an egg WHITE. I don't know if that's what did it, but about an hour into baking, the mix spilled over the top of the bread pan and onto the element. It stank up my whole house with burnt, and has potentially ruined the bread maker. I'm not sure the smell of burnt will EVER come out of that machine...did I mention that it's borrowed?

I did actually scoop out some of the bread and put it in a silicone bread pan and popped it in the oven. The result was okay (minus the aroma of burnt that still lingered in a very minor way- it was infused right into the mix). It really wasn't any better than the El Peto one, so really, for the odd occasion when I really do miss bread (okay that's always, but maybe the occasion where I decide to DO something about it) I'll stick with the El Peto one.

I actually used most of the salvaged loaf for stuffing since I currently have a lovely organic chicken in the oven. I hope my guests don't notice the peculiar aroma...


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