What does the scale mean to YOU?

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Some of us, particularly those who suffer from "disordered eating" - which can be anorexia, bulimia, or compulsive eaters, etc - are chained to it, slaves to it. We weigh ourselves daily, sometimes more than once a day. But what does that little number MEAN anyway?

First, watch this video.

See? See what that number means? As Shan says, it means "JACK!" Nothing. Stop being a slave to the number. Now it's time for some "detoxifying"...
:) *evil grin*

Whaddya say? Are YOU up for it? Ready to say goodbye to your scale FOREVER? Instead, ask yourself THESE questions:
  • Do I have ENERGY?
  • Do I fit in my clothes comfortably?
  • Do I have a zest for life?
  • Do I sleep well?
  • Do I just feel great?

The answer to these questions cannot be found on the dial of your scale. No matter how hard you look, how long to stare at the number, or how many times you ask the scale, it will never tell you the answers. Stop asking it. Start respecting your body by feeding it fresh healthy food, then trust it to give you those answers instead.



Shan Larter said...

Kirsten I just want to commend you... you are hands-and-feet to your readers... not too shy to share your journey and the videos that will give them hope!

Thanks for all your support and for everything you do for your readers... YOU ROCK you gluten free grrrrl!

Lexie said...

Kirsten and Shan! Really enjoyed this post. Put it on my FB page ... such a good message.

-Lexie @ Lexie's Kitchen

Kirsten said...

Thank you so much Lexie. The more women that can hear it the better. :) Shan has lots of other videos coming- you can see her on Facebook or on her blog at www.shanlarter.com

Shan Larter said...

Lexie... YOU ARE AMAZING!!! My sister is always raving about your site... just hopped over to check it out! It is such a warm and welcoming place... LOVE your mission to help kids. Sent you a FB friend request! Shan ox

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